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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve tried other manifestation programs but they didn’t work for me? How can I expect this to be different?

Most manifestation programs simply don’t address the fact that it’s impossible to manifest a new and abundant reality until you address negative energy stored in your body. This is what the Dream Chasers do for you. Most programs simply focus on “mindset” – while completely ignoring that your body is drowning in stored unwanted energy.

The Dream Chasers addresses ALL the areas of blocked manifestation energy waves – all at once. There’s no long and drawn-out process of learning and mastering the energy centers or chakras.

The Dream Chasers is the only manifestation approach that combines ancient and time-honored chakra “energy work” with cutting-edge brain science. So for the first time in your entire life… It’s not only POSSIBLE to manifest abundance, but it’s simple and easy.

How is my personal information protected?

We protect your personal information with 256-bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (DC) will not allow your personal information to be out there.

How does the guarantee work?

Your investment in yourself is literally risk-free. You have an entire year to decide if it’s right for you! If at any point during the 60 day period, you decide it’s not for you, simply email us and we’ll refund every single penny. No questions asked.

I wanted to make sure you have the time you need to make sure it’s right for you.
Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

How soon can I expect results?

Since every person’s situation is unique, it’s impossible to say. Some have experienced powerful results almost immediately. Others experience what I describe as a steady “burn”

Since the results are cumulative, we encourage you to use The Dream Chasers daily.
The more consistent you are, the more dramatic your results will be.
Plus, you have an entire year to try it out!

Will this really impact every area of my life?

YES! None of us get to decide how our energy centers get blocked. It just happens. Traumatic events, disappointments, and hard times deposit negative energy in our bodies, This energy gets stored and becomes stagnant, keeping us from living our best life. The Dream Chasers targets the specific areas where that negative energy is stored… and switches that energy from working against you to working for you. Because the Dream Chasers target all the areas of stored energy, there’s no area in your life that won’t be impacted.

Here’s The “Gorilla In The Room” 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the entire Money Manifestation System for 60 FULL days, risk-free! Use the Money Manifestation System and all the bonuses that come with it. After consuming everything for 60 days, if you feel that this isn’t the greatest program of its kind, I’ll send you all your money back.

On top of that, within 24 hours of saying “YES” to The Money Manifestation System… I guarantee you’ll receive an unmistakable “sign” that you’re on the right path. The sign WILL be so clear and so unmistakable, it will be the “Gorilla in the Room” – a sign that indicates you can manifest everything your heart desires, wants, and deserves.

That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back to us. All you need to do is to email our support team with your receipt with the title “Gorilla In The Room” and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.


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