As well as uncontrollable symptoms such as these, some individuals also experience shaking and uncontrolled blinking. These symptoms can be continuous or may come and go. Additionally, they can be triggered by things like stress or certain activities.

For Thompson, after his diagnosis, he narrowed down the cause of his dystonia to a car accident he was in, as well as age and physical deterioration.

He added: “I’d suffered whiplash in a car accident 16 years ago and assumed the neck problem was linked to this, as well as to age and physical deterioration. I suffered the odd bout of head tremors, which were more annoying than painful.

“But what was much more tedious was the dull pain of frequent neck cramps – at the most inconvenient times and nearly always when I was working and under pressure. They could last for several hours, but at other times they would be more transient.

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